The Northwoods Chronicles

A television series
Written by W. Scott Peake

Based on the novel
The Northwoods Chronicles
Elizabeth Engstrom

The Northwoods Chronicles television series is a cross between Northern Exposure and The Twilight Zone, in the fictional town of White Pines Junction, located in the northern Midwest.

White Pines Junction is a town with a dark secret. Children disappear. They just simply vanish. Those who live there with their children take their chances for the prosperous and good life that Vargas County offers, but they’re gambling and they know it.

One evening while Margie and Jimbo are out celebrating an anniversary, their youngest son, Micah, is mysteriously snatched – disappeared – right out of the arms of his baby-sitter. Margie and Jimbo deal with their grief right along with the other residents, who are all mired in their own curious doings. Margie’s quest for emotional solutions to these regular disappearances and the local computer geek’s determination to discover the physical answers to them come together in the only conclusion that could occur in such an uncanny place. Margie and Jimbo find their unconventional peace, as the citizens of Vargas County participate in a not-quite-normal method of repopulating the Northwoods, providing fuel for yet another natural (or not-so-natural) cycle.

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